Who am I


Hi! My name is Andrea Zavagnin.
I was born and raised in a small town near Venice, Italy.
I started showing interest for photography since I was 6, thanks to my dad. I began with the film cameras, until the evolution gave us the digital reflex. I have a particular interest in: motorsport, landscapes and travel photography.



Places. People. Cultures


Travel photography because another great passion I have is traveling, exploring new places, meet new people and experience new cultures. Every place has its beauty and it’s unique in its own way.


Random details about me


Sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Photography, cycling (I practiced cycling at a competitive level), motorcycling, traveling.
Books I like: Biographies, Autobiographies and History
Favourite movies: Mostly comedy and documentary
Music: Biggest Oasis fan, Radiohead, The Doors, Muse, Pink Floyd.


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Now I prefer to let my photos talk. Did you already took a tour of my online gallery?
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